How to setup a paid newsletter in 10 minutes?

It’s time you shared knowledge you’ve aquired over the years through a paid newsletter. Here’s how.

by Naman Kamra
July 5, 2020

You’ve been working years at your job. This is has helped you develop tacit knowledge of your craft that you would now like to share with the world.

But you don’t want to give it away for free, you’ve worked tirelessly for years to aquire this skillset and now want to be compensated for it adequately.

How would you do this? Paid Newsletters!

We will do this in 2 steps.

  1. Set up a landing page for your news letter.
  2. Add payments to your landing page.

Setting up a landing page

The fastest way to set up a landing page is by using landing page builders. If you’re a developer feel free to setup a static site.

You can choose from a wide variety of landing page builders, We wrote about the best landing page builders in 2020 here.


Once your landing page is set up, the next thing you want to do is let the user collect payments and subscribe.

Adding payments to your landing page

Ordinarily, setting up payments would be quite complicated. For this step we will use SimpleFunnel which allows us to setup payments in under 2 minutes without writing code.

Head over to and set up your account. Don’t worry, getting started is free.

Customize your funnel to make sure it fits right into your website.

Follow the steps in the installations tab and you’re done!

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